Easily navigate your ticketing data, track ticket sales over time and match your digital ads to offline conversions.
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Track Offline Conversions
Fans rarely buy immediately after seeing or clicking an ad. Match eventual purchases to fans that engaged with your ads to discover true attribution and ROI for your digital ad campaigns.
Understand Ticket Buyers
Analyze your ticket buyers to discover locations, demographics and affinity indications for your ideal customers. Use purchasing data to reveal your most profitable fans and find similar leads.
Activate Purchasing Data
Map your ticketing data on a cube chart using event date, price code, venue and other dimensions to gain a complete understanding of who buys what at what time and why.
Match Fans to Purchases
Cross reference your Fan CRM with ticketing data to discover which of your fans buy. Quantify the ROI of your engagement campaigns and other activations by linking participation with sales.
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